In our series "Member Introduction" we introduce active bwomen members to the community. Sandra Roth answered our questions and is looking forward to meeting you! Thank you, Sandra! 

Who is Sandra Roth?

To describe myself, I used my son's “My Kindergarden Friends” book as a basis:

My name is: Sandra Roth
I live in: Honau, LU
Nickname: I somehow never had one…
Favorite color(s): blue and pink
Favorite food: chocolate
Children: daughter (2), son (5)
Hobbies: sport, reading / listening to audio books, getting to know people, painting, DIY, gardening
My education: Dr. Phil. in Psychology, CAS Leadership, various CAS in Coaching
My stations: University of Basel, Stanford University, Roche Diagnostics Int., Mobility Carsharing,
My job: Leadership and Live-in-balance Coach & Head of SW Projects at Mobility Carsharing
I particularly like: new challenges, inspiring conversations, outdoor activities
I don't like at all: vinegar; routine work; to give up

My passion: supporting others to find an individual balance for a satisfied, fulfilling life

Who or what shaped you the most for your professional career?

My parents:
When I was 16 my mother organized a part-time job (1 afternoon / week) for me. The reason for this: I had behaved arrogantly in front of my father's auto mechanics (he owned a Garage) and I should learn what it means to work. Therefore, I sat at the Migros cash register every Thursday from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. for two years during high school. This taught me not to judge others based on their profession, clothing or perceived background, because you never know what’s behind the appearance.

Psychology Study:
I am extremely grateful for the above experience and believe this shaped my personality strongly and finally also my decision to study Psychology.

There, one lesson I have deeply ingrained is, that every situation has infinite perspectives and there isn’t one truth. It’s worthwhile to take the time to uncover various perceptions before judging, deciding and acting.

After my second pregnancy:
I worked for almost 10 years in a large corporation in R&D with increasing responsibility up to heading a R&D department. My career took an unexpected, unpleasant turn after my second maternity leave and I decided to reorient myself. I started a coaching study and subsequently my own coaching business. At the same time, I was looking for a job that was in line with my values and found it at Mobility Carsharing.

I am grateful now for “having to” change careers even though the transition was not easy and needed a lot of energy. However, I made my dream of working as a coach and consultant true earlier than originally planned.

Why are you a women member?

During my reorientation phase, I was lucky to receive professional support. How to network was very central point. I realised at that point that I had sealed myself off from the outside world during my corporate time. I started attending networking events and discovered that I really enjoy getting to know new people, sharing and developing ideas, learning from others and letting others benefit from my experience.

I'm looking forward to all of this at bwomen.

(I met Claudia Bally at one of the above-mentioned networking events and was excited when she invited me to join bwomen.)

On which topics can other members contact you and where?

Supporting others in coping with difficult situations and achieving a better balance in life energises me. I am also very happy to just meet and chat with no specific goal, share experiences and see what develops.

Specifically, I offer coaching and consulting in following three areas (German and English):

- Leadership and Team coaching
- Life balance: career + family + self = satisfaction + happiness? How?
- (Re) orientation: What are my strengths? What is the right job for me? How
should I position myself to get it?


Meet Sandra Roth