For over 22 years, Ecuadorian-born Margarita has been supporting women entrepreneurs in her home country to start their own businesses. With her big personality, big heart and excellent taste, she is the driving force behind the beautiful handmade handbags designed by her and her team, self-knitted by several women in Ecuador and sold online in Europe. The Fundacion AVANZAR supports women entrepreneurs with education programs but also provides humanitarian programs to support children with illnesses and their families. Learn more about this passionate businesswoman!

Who is Margarita Forster? 
I'm an Ecuadorian living in Switzerland since 1995. As many foreigners, I got here because of love! In 1999 I created the Avanzar Foundation to support women in my home country learn new skills and become independent. 10 yeas later the Atelier Avanzar was born to provide women with fair wages and a flexible job.

Who or what has strongly influenced your professional career?
My passion is to encourage and support underprivileged women to become stronger and independent. Helping them to become entrepreneurs is the aim and the reason to be Avanzar Foundation and Atelier Avanzar.

Why are you a member of bwomen?
Because we humans have to stick together to achieve bigger things. Thanks, bwomen, for inviting me to join this crowd.

On which topics can other members contact you and where?
Women empowerment trough education, women projects, foundations, working in South America, leading virtual teams, among others, and off course every woman who is looking for a personalized bag that has been manufactured under fair conditions, should definitely come to us Atelier Avanzar 😁

Meet Margarita Forster