Raised in different countries, Kathalyn loves nature, be it on horseback or with hands-on climate projects for a large NGO. Influenced by her strong grandmother, she has been involved in social projects since she was a child and now has a special focus on Climate Protection Projects for Families.

Who is Kathalyn von Eyb?
My name is Kathalyn von Eyb, born in Germany, raised in 7 countries. I am a joyful person, very grateful for what I have. I believe in positive impact and think in solutions. Started off my career with a strong focus on business and consulting, enjoying pressure and complexities. Quickly found out that my strength lies in communication, my positive attitude and my analytical thinking. Added a study of financial economics and started taking over responsibility in the family enterprise. At the same time started as a coach, empowering women to take care of their own finances. Lately asked myself (again) what impact I want to make and what is dear to my heart. And thus, started working for the WWF, shaping climate protection projects for private people to take part in - not only finance them, but accompany the projects and learn, best with family and friends. 

Who or what has strongly influenced your professional career?
Two people have shaped me most: my father and my grandmother. My father was a great networker, always jolly, loved nature and family & friends. He started off an asset management company, loved having big events as well as giving full attention (and sympathy) to one person. My grandmother on the other hand was very involved in social care projects. I would join her visiting hospitals that needed help, we would cook in an institutional kitchen making food for homeless people, we would go and read books to the old in the neighborhood. Both these two people would make people around them happy, would act with courage, would take responsibility not only for their lives but for the lives around them too.

What (as supposed to WHO) has shaped me a lot, are the many moves I did - first with my parents, later on my own request. Starting off on a new spot, trying to work out as quickly as possible how life works around you, getting to know new people and new cultures, has made me very open-minded and keen on learning.  

Why are you a member of bwomen?
Because we can learn from and encourage each other. Sharing knowhow and experiences is so helpful, especially in a business context. Together we are stronger. We need to exchange ideas to evolve and find better solutions.  

On which topics can other members contact you and where?
If you want to do a climate protection project, contact me at kathalyn.voneyb@wwf.ch.
If you want advice on how to manage an investor family (7-700 members) contact me at kvoneyb@gmx.de.
And for all the above plus anything else use bwomen😉 

Meet Kathalyn von Eyb