A network lives thanks to its community. They inspire others, encourage them to take action that they might not dare to do on their own. bwomen has 430 members, entrepreneurs or those who want to take their careers in new directions. Courage is contagious and bwomen wants to inspire and encourage women to re-enter the job market even after a break. bwomen member Evelin Bermudez is on the right track with CRN (Companies & Returnships Network) and ReturnersWork. And if you have time on November 15/16 to attend the online re-entry fair organized by Eveline, then go for it!

Who is Evelin Bermudez?
I am a Peruvian born, American and Swiss citizen.  I was 16 when I left Perú, full of hope and in search of what many call the “American Dream”.

Building relationships and bringing people to engage in a dialogue have always interested me. I studied Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley and complemented this with a Master's degree in International Relations with a focus on Economic Development at Columbia University in New York. During my subsequent work in international development, working for various United Nations organizations, I developed a sense for what was needed and where and to develop appropriate solutions.

When I joined the World Bank in Washington, D.C. I felt I had finally found my place. My core projects revolved around microfinance, social development, gender and stakeholder management. This was an amazing experience. My solid professional and social network comprising friends and colleagues have remained a part of my life.

When I moved to Switzerland, I struggled to build the professional networks I had spent years building in the U.S. It took a while, but things started to fall into place. I started working at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2009 and soon I was managing several initiatives.

The reintegration of women and men after a family-related break into the workforce is something I feel passionate about. My work so far has enabled me to build a large network. This network is made up of employers, people looking to re-enter the labor market, specialized coaches and supporting associations. Together with this network, we create win-win situations for both returners and employers. I am very proud of this.

Who or what has had a strong influence on your professional career?
Although there are many people that have had a huge impact in my professional life, I would have to say that my father has played the most important role.  He believed in me and taught me that every problem had a solution. He instilled in me values that have shaped how I see things, what I believe in and what I am willing to fight for. He is now 98 years old and lives in California.

Why are you a member of bwomen?
I hope to connect with women who want to change the status quo and are not afraid to talk about their struggles and failed efforts on their path to doing so. Success stories are great but equally important are those stories where things don’t work out. The consequence of taking chances is that sometimes they won’t work out. We need to talk more about that. Maybe an idea for a bwomen event? 

On which topics can other members contact you and where?
Anything related to managing social enterprises at eveling.bermudez@bluewin.ch

Regarding career re-entry opportunities also via E-mail at evelin.bermudez@returnerswork.ch 

Meet Evelin Bermudez