Right before the summer break, we introduce you to Swedish/Swiss entrepreneur Annika in our Member Profile. Annika encourages and supports companies to act sustainably. She recently opened Workspace21 – a Co-working Space where you can flexibly use office space or meeting rooms in a well accessible location close to Zurich. On August 30, Workspace21 will hold the next event, where bwomen Co-founder Claudia Bally is invited as a speaker. We are looking forward to this opportunity and hope to seeing you there. Click here for more informations or visit our Event site under topics.

Find out more about the energetic and inspiring entrepreneur Annika. We wish you a great summer and look forward to seeing you at the Workspace21 event, the bwomen coffee after lunch on August 25 or the next livehub of live.bwomen in September (Infos will follow)w

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Who is Annika Henricsson?
I have a bias for action and putting ideas into practice – an energetic person. This also mirrors in my lively private/family life; I have three gorgeous and very active teenage kids. Being a hugely nature-connected person, sustainability is not just a buzzword to me. I have always found joy in being resourceful and creative in the (re-)use of resources both in my private as well as in business life.
Tackling business challenges with creativity, analytical skills and technical expertise, and thereby inspire people – that’s what I am passionate about.

I have a master’s degree in engineering as a basis and have worked in various consultant, tech management, sales, and marketing positions. Beyond doing Consumer Insights projects through my own company, I recently zoomed in my business efforts to support and create opportunities for companies to become more sustainable. My latest endeavour is a local Coworking Space in Forch, close to Zurich.

Who or what has had a strong influence on your professional career?
I have been fortunate enough to have a couple of managers who have appreciated my assertiveness and my openness towards new fields and learning. I felt empowered. Being thrown into new challenges, I think courage and willingness to “just do” is what has propelled me. Still, I oftentimes felt I was missing a competent role-model and mentor.

Why are you a member of bwomen?
I strongly believe in the power of networking, inspirational exchange of ideas, learnings, and insights in small and big. It can create new – and connect to – business and opportunities. I think many of us women would benefit from networking more actively to develop and build confidence, and most importantly to encourage others (give & share).

On which topics can other members contact you and where?
I am happy to support other women as a sparring partner, generating ideas, sharing experience, and simply discuss and being creative.

For exciting opportunities, I am also gladly taking on freelance assignments.

Our newly opened Co-working Space www.workspace21.ch in Forch/ZH offers an excellent base for networking. You can flexibly come here for an efficient and enriching working day or participate in our monthly networking events on various topics meant to also provide impulses. We are true to our motto “Flexibles Arbeiten und inspirierender Austausch in der Nähe” and would love to fill the space with more people.

I am always reachable via henricsson@ggaweb.ch or in person at Workspace21 in Forch. Do follow us on LinkedIn and do come by – a personal encounter is always valuable. Do I see you on 30 August at our workspace21 event?

Meet Annika Henricsson